Effectiveness of nirapara

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About the Brand Nirapara

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Questionnaire on Advertising Effectiveness

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Similarly, there begin various media which can be effectively deceased for advertising. Nirapara is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of rice and spice powders that originated in Kerala in the year History.

KKR Group was established by K. K. Karnan in the year as a small scale rice mill factory located in the town of Okkal in. OBJECTIVES OF STUDYPRIMARY OBJECTIVE To analyze the effectiveness of Brand to create a preference of Nirapara products with respect to its modellervefiyatlar.comARY OBJECTIVE To understand the role of effectiveness of distribution channel on sales of Nirapara rice products.

Advertisement Effectiveness Of Nirapara Products Questionnaire 1. Have you seen the advertisements of Nirapara? ⃝ Yes ⃝ No 2. How would you rate the advertisements of Nirapara compared with others you. Advertisement Effectiveness Of Nirapara Products Questionnaire 1. Have you seen the advertisements of Nirapara?

⃝ Yes ⃝ No. Have you seen the advertisements of Nirapara?? Yes? No 2. How would you rate the advertisements of Nirapara compared with others you have seen?? Much better? Better? More or less the same? Worse? Much worse 3. How frequently do you watch the advertisements of Nirapara?


Effectiveness of nirapara
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project on advertisement and effectiveness of nirapara rice in kalady