Eriksons timeline

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Three Developmental Charts: Erikson, Kohlberg, and Piaget

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Erik Erikson’s Timeline Essay

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Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development

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PSY WEEK 8 Erikson’s Timeline Write a to word paper that explains which of Erikson’s eight stages of life you believe you are currently in. Explain why you think you are at that stage and describe that stage in your paper.

Erik Erikson was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 15, Erikson’s biological father, who was Danish, had left before Erikson was born.

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He was adopted by his Jewish stepfather, and took the name Erik Homberger. But because of his blond-and-blue-eyed Nordic look, Erikson was rejected by his Jewish neighbors. Leif Ericson was a Norse explorer known to be the first European to have landed in North America (presumably in Newfoundland, Canada).

It is believed that Leif was born about in Iceland, the son of Erik the Red, a Norwegian explorer and outlaw.

Erik Erikson

Extract of sample "Eriksons Timeline" Download file to see previous pages He presents the development theories as the reasons that explain the development of humans (Zhang & He, ).

At my age the experiences of the children’s thoughts and mental underdevelopment reveals to me what necessity my age and development urge demands.

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Erik Erikson's Timeline Eriksons timeline
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